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Clothing Introduction


Clothing evolved many years ago as simply a method of preserving the human body against the elements. Today the clothes we wear reflect many things such as our culture, our social status, our wealth and simply our taste in fashion as a reflection of our personality. The earliest clothing was constructed of basic natural products such as leaves and fur. As we evolved we learnt techniques of weaving and knitting natural fibres in a way to create bolts of cloth that were then draped around the body according the style or etiquette of the region the person was in.

clothing shopThe evolution of the textile industry enabled the production of cloth to a vast scale and at cheaper cost to the consumer. New natural fabric mixes were developed and with science realising the need for specialised materials, a whole new range of man made fibres were created that gave the cloth more unique attributes such as being water proof or extremely lightweight yet warm.

The clothing industry in the world now is a vast and profitable market. An item of clothing may be constructed in several continents before reaching the buyer. The design for the clothing item may appear first as a concept in Europe. The material may be created in India and then shipped to China for cutting and sewing to the design. The clothing may then be shipped to America for retail in stores. In other cases certain clothing items are considered very much a local product and are created according to tradition carried down through generations – one such example is the Scottish kilt.


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